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Posted by nleolnator - December 2nd, 2021

Cave Story is a metroidvania platformer with the amnesiac soldier Quote finding a city of rabbits called Mimigas. There's a fan-made genesis port, which you can play online (here)! I've been playing the freeware version in study hall and it's fuckin awesome. Fun story, I've listened to the soundtrack of this game many times over before I ever played Cave Story. One of the most emotionally memorable soundtracks I've ever listened to, and some of the absolute best in indie games ever. Every single song is filled with so much passion and love. The mega drive port (github) has custom music as well, and it's really fun hearing all these bangers with the blast processing vibe. This alone is enough to play the port if you're a Cave Story fan, but everything else is done really well, too! It feels official. I've heard bad things about Nicalis, Cave Story's publisher, but I don't know enough to know where to put my money, and my friend Sam just finished it in class, so we've been playing together and having a good time. It's very well designed and fun, I'd highly recommend playing through it. What's really cool about this game is that it was made by one fucking person: gorgeous pixel art, incredible music (as well as his own soundfont and file type), game design, programming, EVERYTHING! Studio Pixel did it before Toby Fox believe it or not! And it pioneered indie games


Posted by nleolnator - September 11th, 2021

An idea: A-BOT - A discord bot that allows you to input commands to listen to featured audio portal submissions and newgrounds radio through discord vcs. Alternatively, search for audio portal submissions or playlists or directly add through link or ID to add songs to a queue. This isn't a real thing but I think it'd be really cool if it existed. I honestly wanted to pick up python in order to try and make this real lol. It'd be open source, most likely hosted on codeberg.org cause I hate github


Posted by nleolnator - September 6th, 2021

Hello Newgrounds. I've been pretty inactive on here lately, and I just realized: it's been almost 2 months since I created my last podcast. School just started for me, so things will probably be a little bit more busy, but I'll finally be able to see my friends in person again so at least there's that! Honestly, I've felt pretty down and unmotivated for quite a while... there hasn't been a whole lot going on to be honest. But, I was just thinking. I've surprisingly come to accumulate quite a following on Newgrounds, which is something I am incredibly proud of. I've said this over and over, but I've fallen in love with the community here on this website, and I can't wait to get involved and meet new people. It's a bit nerve wracking being around so many famous people n shit, but honestly people here are so chill, it's great. I need to catch up on all of the dope shit y'all have made while I've been moping around doing nothing, and maybe actually get around to making more stuff of my own! I want to try making scripted content, video essays, and interviews in the future, for sure :) Anyways, thank you to everyone for sticking around and being cool, peace 🧡


Posted by nleolnator - August 30th, 2021

Interacting with famous people is weird. It's different from, say, twitter, where being "famous" is having hundred thousands or millions of followers, here it's more in the thousands. But it's legitimately weird, stan culture and how youtube and other platforms with celebrities has made it strange just waltzing in and finding people that are just... People. Like people that are chill and you can reach out to and see them in the community interacting with everyone and it's the thing I really like about newgrounds. Not putting people on pedestals or turning them into idols, just talented creative people that are just chill human beings who exist not deified on a different plane yknow? That's what sometimes makes it hard to make friends, there are like, people who have made so much cool shit and received well deserved attention for being amazing talented, creative people, and there are people like me, a high schooler with no purpose in life just kinda sittin here in my own little corner I've carved out for myself. I don't consider myself particularly talented, but I have a lot of passion and I feel like I'm good at talking and writing and understand what sounds good with music and if I tried I could really create some cool shit. I look forward to what this community has to hold in the future for me and everyone, and thanks for being chill. Peace yall ♡



Posted by nleolnator - August 29th, 2021

Lol I gotta be completely honest, I really had a pretty terrible day yesterday. I was excited to interact with newgrounds peeps but it kind of just turned into me sitting there depressed watching people have fun. Idk how to socialize, it's especially weird with adults cause I'm a kid that grew up never interacting with any of them. It's also fucking weird being like, hey famous people who are literally right there whats up like that's honestly one of the strangest things about newgrounds (although a good thing). Idfk man. I apologize


Posted by nleolnator - August 29th, 2021

Haha nice B)


Shoutout to @Chdonga lol


Posted by nleolnator - August 27th, 2021

Blegh. Today was quite the day. I got very bad sleep so I thought it'd be terrible, but I surprised myself. Despite being on my computer literally all day like normal, I genuinely had a lot of high points today. Watching the FNF forward was one of the highlights in my day, as there were so many creative and cool looking mods on display there, I loved the one with jet set radio and a-bot; NEWGROUNDS RADIOOOO 😄 I think I'm actually gonna make a blog about that tomorrow lul. Idk. I'm kind of hesitant to be happy just cause of how things usually go after I feel even the slightest bit better it seems, but I don't really care honestly. There's an entire day of shit tomorrow with the NG block party which I'm both hyped and nervous as fuck for, cause y'know, social anxiety and all. But yeah. Anyways, I don't want to make a habit of posting too much on twitter (I'm pasting this from @thenleolnator) although I do spend quite a lot of time [there] still. I'd much rather post and be active on Newgrounds, although there's a lot you just can't get there sadly. I'm actually planning on make several new podcasts, it's been a while since I've recorded one and I feel inspired to do smth, especially with just recently coming towards a 69 follower milestone (nice). I don't really have a whole lot to offer in terms of talent or skills, although I do love talking and am very passionate about Newgrounds, lol. I also plan on finding a few people to commission on Newgrounds to make a new pfp and banner, with a fluffy kinda lighthearted blue greeny style. That's something I've wanted to do for a while. Anyways... this has been quite a long rant, sorry about that, haha. Gnight internet ppls

I uploaded this to Newgrounds cause Twitter sucks. I'm still tolerating it for a little bit longer though.


Posted by nleolnator - August 18th, 2021

Hey people! I know I just posted, but! It seems that today is another historic occasion - I've hit 50 followers on Newgrounds!! It's not been all too long since I posted my first post on the audio portal, and it's kind of wild to see how far I've gone since then on Newgrounds. I've met so many cool and talented people, and discovered so many talented creators and artists. I think I've truly found a place that I feel like I belong, and can share my voice with the world without feeling ashamed. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me up to now, it really means a lot! And I know I've said in the past that I don't want to go by ratings or numbers but, it's hard not to smile when I think, holy shit, 50 people are fans of the things I do? I know it's a small milestone but I can't help but to feel proud of myself and what I've done so far. As for the future of me on Newgrounds, I have lots of plans for new podcasts! I may try making and narrating scripts, especially for topics I want to do justice. I also have a number of people who have showed interest in talking with me on a podcast, which would be neat. I've liked the "loose train of thought" kind of vibe I've done with my recordings so far but I'm open to exploring different styles as well! I also got a new mic so hopefully the audio quality will be less cringeworthy! ALSO I've started learning python and have plans to looking into learning godot and possibly developing a small little game! It would be really cool to collaborate with someone as well, I really think that's part of the spirit of Newgrounds :) Anyways sorry for the wall of text, I just felt excited and motivated when I woke up to see my notifications today lol. Peace guys, I love you all, stay cool!


Posted by nleolnator - August 17th, 2021

I'm kinda dumb, I just realized that someone sent me an offer to scout me for the audio portal, and that means I am now scouted if I'm not wrong!! Thank you so much @Macaronnes05 it really means a lot to me :))) I've not been on Newgrounds very long but I am very proud of what I've made so far and am looking forward to my future in this community! I'm excited to collaborate with people in the future, and make more things I'm proud of :D Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far it's truly been a blast 🧡


Posted by nleolnator - August 4th, 2021

I was really proud of a thread I made on twitter, so I thought I'd upload it in full here, since I wouldn't have to post it in a thread like on twitter.

Many people talk about wanting to get off of social media. Mostly because of how addictive and time consuming it is, but also because of how unhealthy it can be, especially when it comes to news or politics. Many have had trouble following through with this, or debating if it's something they'd actually want to do. I have a much different perspective from a lot of people because I feel like I know more about the internet and privacy with social media, something that not enough people seem to want to think too much about. For this reason, I definitely know I want to get off of twitter at some point. I'm the type of guy who actually reads the privacy policies and terms of service of apps or websites I use or visit, and tend to be mindful about what I share with certain companies online. A lot of people don't want to think about what certain companies could be doing with their personal data so they just decide to ignore it. That's honestly kind of stupid, if you know as much as I do you'd know how abusive and messed up these companies' practices are. I could talk in depth about how Facebook used targeted advertising to sway election results, or how Discord has permanent unencrypted access to everything you've ever sent on their service, or how Google is personalized to every person who uses their search engine, but that's not what the point of this thread is. What I wanted to emphasize is that I don't like the concept of social media in general. And how I will probably stop using Twitter or delete my account altogether at some point. I think I've been too lax about things and want to move on soon. I've started leaning towards Newgrounds when it comes to creative expression. I think this was a really good idea as my original plan to create video essays on YouTube has become overshadowed by how much I dislike how they treat creators and their system of gaining revenue through targeted ads, which is a practice I am really uncomfortable with and don't want to be a part of. The cool thing about Newgrounds is that they are basically run by the community and are much closer and uncensored and less dependent on algorithms and third parties. They've been working to make their website ad free for everyone, which is honestly really cool. While I still have some problems with them (for example their use of Cloudflare) I definitely think I'e stumbled upon something special, a platform to share my ideas and create things. For me, it's never been about money, or statistics, or ratings. I've always just wanted to share my ideas, my voice, my passion with the world, and maybe make a platform or community for myself. I really, REALLY appreciate everyone who has been so supportive of what I've done. I have plans to keep creating podcasts on Newgrounds. And, while my original idea to make video essays might not fit the style of content typically created on Youtube, I might look into that as well. I also potentially want to collaborate with other people in the future there :) Anyways, this has been a long rant, but I think it was a good one. Ultimately, I just want to create things I'm proud of and share my voice with people. Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far, it really means a lot to me 🧡 I love all you guys. Anyways, peace

On another note, I think I'll create another audio post later tonight further elaborating my plans for the future in Newgrounds. :D