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I'm really hyped to see more about this game, I absolutely adore your art style and I think it would really fit in a earthbound-type game! Honestly even though it is a cliche, sure, more earthbound-likes is never a bad thing and they always tend to have a lot of heart and soul poured into them, and it really seems that way from this trailer! The visuals and pixel art direction really fit well with the music, and I love your lil character guys! They're very cute :3 Overall this oozes a lot of style and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the game!
-- hen 🧡

vurb responds:

shut up

I am so fucking hyped to play this game, the artstyle and trailer animation look absolutely incredible. Sadly I don't have a computer I can buy it on rn but I will make sure to as soon as possible, and I'll definitely go ahead and play the classic version on newgrounds. I'm really glad to see a success story of an indie game like this, and I hope it gets the attention it deserves, it looks so fucking good from the pixel art to the gameplay, to the character designs and everything. Much love guys


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Nothing all too special, but that's okay. Nice simple little game, I enjoy the visual and audio style, that's why I'm rating it 3 stars, but it could use more gameplay variety, besides just hopping around. However obviously this isn't meant to be a really indepth game, so like I said, that's alright. One thing you maybe could add is a leaderboard, or medals for bronze, silver and gold with the newgrounds api. Did you make the music yourself? It's nice

This game is incredibly fun, the artstyle and animations are all super inspired and really fit the vibe, I love all the little cameos in the background art you can find everywhere, I really appreciate that! It's really addictive, all of the gameplay mechanics really work well together and there's a lot of variety. The framerate can be a little iffy sometimes but reading other comments it seems like that's been improved upon since the original release. But holy shit, I can't wait to see what you guys have been working on in terms of updates. Imo the music is just eh, I hope you add more tracks in the future. I saw in the description that you appreciate feedback / new ideas for the game, so I have a few: first of all, maybe you could make it so that you can hold down the attack buttons, making the light attack combo kind of like it is in smash, and also making it so that you can fire the gun or swing the bat multiple times in a row, another one would be deflecting projectiles with the bat attack (flinging them back towards an enemy). Multiplayer would also be cool, although I don't know how that would be implemented, seeing how it's not really designed to be a multiplayer game at the moment. Another idea I had was to maybe fight against the newgrounds bots as bosses, like P-bot, A-bot, G-bot, M-bot, I-bot and F-bot, maybe other characters such as Reddqueen's OC and Alloy, seeing how they are robot-themed. But yeah. I had a blast playing this game, and I'm looking forward to future updates!

Edit 1: I noticed something - the audio when you swing on the rail thingy seems to be bugged

-- hen 🧡

Spagato responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback! Sorry about the slow update, school/work stuff is making production kinda slow, but I'm still working on the game. There's a lot of changes that I made and I can confirm a couple of things. There's gonna be performance improvements, a new gameplay mechanic, parries (projectile too), new maps, new enemies, a new boss, better controller configuration (saves controls), and local multiplayer support. I'll try to update my news feed about the new stuff when I get the chance.

Hey look thats me!

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Nelward on newgrounds :) I genuinely appreciate being able to listen to your music here haha

A mystical journey through the future! This song takes me through a time machine, back to the good old days :)

Rip in peace! You suck! :3

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Happy birthday man :) Hope you had a good one

Very pretty with nice colors

Awesome character design, I love the colors!

Newgrounds resident fluffy hen. 🧡

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