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I was wondering if something like this would be made, these are some really creative animations, loved it!
-- hen 🧡

Thank you dude, this was a much needed vibe for me today. While it's nothing spectacular like your other animations, it's a very relaxing and charming little movie. Also, stellar music choice! I've never played terranigma but what I've heard of the soundtrack has been phenomenal, and I have many friends who love it. Cheers :)
-- hen 🧡

Reminds me of aimkid! Amazing fluid animation
-- hen 🧡

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A short but incredibly enjoyable game. The aesthetic and music is spot on
-- hen 🧡

I have achieved the ultimate score

A fun, short little game! Charming artstyle, serviceable music and sound effects, although it is very short obviously
-- hen 🧡

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My god this song is such a vibe. Such tranquility :) I need to check out more of your work this is incredibly good
-- hen 🧡

MisterJames responds:

I'm glad dude! I plan on releasing about two more of these lofi tracks soon as well :]

The instruments in this sound incredibly good, especially the strings and piano. The way they mix together is beautiful, as well as the chords, being very rewarding and interesting to listen to their progression. The vocals are definitely a positive, although they can mash together with the instruments a little bit. 3:32 sounded wonderful, and was probably my favorite part of the song although the instrument being strummed sounds a little out of tune. Good work man I think this deserves more attention :)
-- hen 🧡

Glassedhouse responds:

Funny that, I had recorded guitar last, and then realized I had forgotten to tune it way too late to resetup my recording stuff. But ive come to appreciate the character it brings to that section. Thanks for the kind words!

Very short and simple but the progression and chords are enjoyable and resonate well. Feels kind of abstract or minimalist, in a good way. Also is that the Homestuck sax LMAO
-- hen 🧡

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Howdy lil fella :)

Holy moly the vibe on this one is majestic. Beautiful work dude, love the colors
-- hen 🧡

Macarrones05 responds:

Thank you :3

Although idrk the series this is from I love these lil guys
-- hen 🧡

Newgrounds resident fluffy hen. I have plans to make podcasts and blogs, and possibly try my hand at game development and music production in the future :) 🧡

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